Scott Trebes

Hello, my name is Scott and I thrive on creating delightful user experiences.

Over the course of the last 27 years in my professional journey, I've embraced various roles and taken on a multitude of responsibilities. Each phase of my career has been marked by versatility, and my current position at CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) exemplifies the culmination of this diverse skill set.

In my current role at CSCMP, I've had the opportunity to engage in a wide array of projects that span different facets of the creative and technical spectrum. From the dynamic realm of video production, where I've been involved in bringing concepts to life through visual storytelling, to the intricacies of designing and coding websites, I've seamlessly navigated through the ever-evolving landscape of digital platforms.

Simultaneously, my expertise extends to the traditional domain of marketing, where I've contributed to the creation of eye-catching and informative 4-color brochures. This not only showcases my adaptability but also underscores my proficiency in both digital and print mediums.

The diversity of projects I've undertaken reflects not only my willingness to embrace new challenges but also my ability to bring a wealth of skills to the table. It's a testament to my capacity to pivot between different roles, adapting to the needs of each project with a commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes.

In essence, my 27-year journey has been a rich tapestry of experiences, each role contributing to a versatile skill set that I bring to my current position at CSCMP. This background equips me with a holistic understanding of various aspects of the industry, allowing me to approach projects with a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective.

Aside from design, I’m passionate about Halloween—I may be too old to trick or treat, but I love a good costume party. All of my endeavors help me to be a well-rounded creative human, and I love taking projects from ideation to completion. Contact me to learn more about how I can thrive at your company, or for some of my best costume tips.