Scott Trebes

This is my work: Discover Card

Client: Discover Card
Role: Video Producer/UI Designer/Front-End Developer
Tools used: Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator

INCITE: Discover's In-House Ad Agency Introduction Video

INCITE is the evolution of CBCS and moving away from being in an production-based design model to a thought leadership design model. This video encapsulates all the positive change that occurred.

Discover Mobile Hub

I built this microsite tandem with another developer. This helped me gain great experience collaborating to maintain consistency. From our selector naming convention to our breakpoints, we were in sync and responsive.

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scott trebes discover card

Discover Card HTML 5 Banners

With the trend of Flash banners going to the wayside, all new banners have to be built in HTML 5. To accomplish this I used Greensock within Dreamweaver.

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scott trebes discover card

Discover Student Center

The problem I had to solve was this: Revise the microsite to be more relevant to parents and students. Me and my teams solution was to get rid of the unneccessary markting fluff and just provide the facts.

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scott trebes discover card

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