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KBC Gratitude and Giving Course

When it comes to compassion the word “Giving” might come to mind.

In this course we are going to examine the physiological impact that “Giving” has on us.

We also will study what it means to live a life of “Gratitude”.

The course is designed for kids as well as adults. We believe it is essential that parents teach their kids these fundamental principles.

Complimentary Course is coming soon. If you are interested in taking this at your convenience then please leave your name, e-mail and mobile (optional) and we will alert you when the class is ready for session.

What Leaders are Saying

David Soskin International Association of Businesses

"As a businessman and father I feel it is our duty to stand up for sick children and support them in any way possible. This is a worthwhile cause!"
- David Soskin, International Association of Businesses, Buffalo Grove IL -

Tony Messina Remembrance Memorials

"Being in the funeral video industry gives me a perspective of families in loss of a loved one. There is nothing more sacred then saving lives!"
- Tony Messina, Remembrance Memorials, Elk Grove Village IL -

B & C Auto

"The community needs to come together to support this anti-cancer movement. Kids are important!"
- Sandy & Brian Warren, owners of B&C Auto and Truck Service -

Check Back Soon for Course Dates

 Patti M

"As a parent of a child with a chronic disease we look to support research and find cures. When you look into their eyes, we realize the reason for the fight!"
- Patti M., Parent Advocate Schamburg, IL -

It's time to make a difference in the life of a child stricken with pediatric cancer.
Please give today.

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