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Very few people are willing to go out of their way to let the rubber meet the road. If every company donated some of their resources—trucks, employees and warehousing to a worthwhile cause, this world would be a better place. Our efforts and donations will make the difference. These parents of these blessed children need our help and Verox Connect will give it to them day after day - month after month - year after year.

Our Vision

Saving children and their families from the pain of having cancer but using early detection or prevention.

Verox Connect Kids Without Cancer

Our Mission

Collect donations to raise money to support children stricken by pediatric and give strength to their families.

Verox Connect Kids Without Cancer
 Stefan Levy

"With over 40 years in dealing with top level executives in the recruiting industry I have learned many things. The most successful candidates that I place into top level positions all are supportive of nonprofit organizations and causes that are bigger than themselves."
- Stefan Levy, President of Management Search,
Barrington, IL -

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