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Business Owners

We Do Things The Right Way is a 501(c)3 program part of the world health awareness foundation and financially managed United charitable program. Tax ID #20–4286082.

Through collecting clothes and shoes are organization cannot for a taxi duction to use for donation purposes. We are gathering families in business leaders to make the community strong. Cleanliness, legitimacy…

Benefits that we plan on giving

  • Great Public Relations - you guys not only care about example- making subs, you care about sick kids

  • Doing the right thing - this is an awesome cause you can use for your organization

  • Drive local and community traffic - giving community another reason to go into parking lot

  • You will be known as a Humanitarian

  • Website - Listing with geographic mapping and picture of business

  • Search Engine Optimization - Listings reviews and targeted internet placement

  • Press Releases - In local papers with a picture of staff

  • Possible Ribbon Cutting - Invite Chamber of Commerce, officials and local business to an event

  • Awareness - neighbors will see your business

  • Security - our drivers will monitor your business at night

  • Social Responsibility - doing something that matters as a pioneer in the beginning

  • Becoming a Community Leader - you are doing something bigger than yourself - fighting for a cure

  • A team of marketing people that wants to help fill the parking lot.

Verox Connect Kids Without Cancer
TitleMax Steve Amella
TitleMax Steve Amella
Mike Sater

"Other non-profits talk a good game, but as a businessman I knew that I really needed to do something to help."
- Mike Sater -

It's time to make a difference in the life of a child stricken with pediatric cancer.
Please give today.

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